I’ve attended many conferences, but never have I ever experienced a conference like Steno in the City.  When I arrived at the first Steno in the City event in Washington, D.C., I could feel the excitement in the air.   I kept asking, “Who is responsible for putting this together?”  Everyone kept telling me Shaunise Day, but it was hard for me to believe that this one person had such a vision on how court reporting conferences should be held.  Not only was the registration/check-in a breeze, but the networking event was full of fun, games, photo ops and lots of laughter.  It afforded reporters the opportunity to get to know each other and make new friends in the Profession.  It highlighted the reporters with years of service and service to the profession.  And to top it all off, the photo session at the courthouse was second to none!!!  Steno In The City’s 2022 Fearless Conference was held In Houston, Texas, and Shaunise leveled up our image and had the staircase wrapped in the Steno in the City logo.  A proclamation from the City of Houston and professionals in the legal field were in attendance at the reception.  The location of the host hotel was perfect and easily accessible to other attractions.  The vendor area was visible and informative.  The photoshoot taken on the staircase with all the reporters dressed in color-block attire was stellar.   Overall, Houston was another good experience.

Welcome to Atlanta, the location of the 2023 Steno in the City conference.  I thought it would be difficult to attend the conference in my home city where I had to work in between sessions, but the agenda made it easy for me to do both.  By this time, I realized Steno in the City had a “following” and people were excited to see what was next for the conference in the South.  The welcome networking event at The Buckhead Club was electric (yes, we did the electric slide, too).  A proclamation from the City of Atlanta was presented.  The attendance had not only grown, but the attendees were from the North, South, East and West.  It was such a privilege to meet so many reporters from California, which I hardly meet at the NCRA conventions, which I assumed was due to the locations and travel.  There was a lot of love for Shaunise and what she is doing for our profession, and everybody wanted to know what they could contribute to continue the Steno in the City conferences going forward.  And of course, the group photoshoot was a hit again.  The speed contest was a new addition.  The recognition of Charisse Kitt receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award brought us all to tears, and so did the loss of our dear fellow reporter from New York, Dom Turise.  On a high note, I was so moved to have been recognized, along with my fellow reporters, for having over 40 years of service in the Court Reporting industry.  

When the conference was over, I left wanting more of Steno in the City.  I continued to ask Shaunise what can I do to help, and I realized that she’s not going to tell you to do anything.  I am challenging each of my colleagues to please consider contributing to Steno in the City as this will allow Shaunise Day to continue the work she so passionately and selflessly does to advance our profession.

Diane King

I had the pleasure of attending the Fearless Stenographers Conference 2023 in Atlanta, Georgia, this spring.  A beautiful city, a wonderful time of year.  Once again, Ms. Shaunise Day knocked the ball out of the park.  What a wonderful experience it was for me.  Starting with the Opening Reception to the Awards Luncheon was just plain enjoyment.  After a successful and prosperous career, and having been away from the profession for such a long time, attending the conference made me want to be back amongst all of the amazing reporters with their many credentials and talents.  I felt so young, again.  I loved everyone that I had the opportunity to meet and look forward to being a part of the next event.  The ladies in their splendid colors was a blast.  Not counting out the gents that were present, of course.

Thanks again, Shaunise, for a fantastic experience.

Carl Suceda

What to say about my Steno in the City experience?

This is the second time I have been honored to attend SITC.  It is one of the most enriching and uplifting conferences one can attend.   You are in the presence of like-minded professionals who want to learn from each other and with each other.  Hugs are given and stories are told!  The level of the presentations given is always of the highest quality.  I am always energized to attend SITC and even more so as the conference draws to a close.  Shaunise has a wonderful ability to assemble networking and learning opportunities that are not to be missed.  Thank you for another amazing Steno in the City!

Karen Tyler

I left the Fearless Stenographers Conference inspired in a way I’ve never experienced at any other gathering of court reporters/stenographers in my career.  It felt like steno church!  I had brought two members of my team because I had a feeling it would be inspiring and beneficial to anyone in the orbit of court reporters.  And it surely was.  Everything about the Fearless seminars was spot on: software, steno, voice writing, captioning, officials, freelance, tech, AI, pricing and clear communication of our worth.

On top of that, I love a good backstory, and the backstories were captivating.  Whitney Kumar’s journey to the Judge Judy show; Kim Xavier’s heartwarming and empowering talk about her hair and perception/messaging; Charisse Kitt/Kendra, James/Rose Detloff each telling their personal stories of certs, how they got them, the impact certs have had on their lives, and where they are as a result.  So inspiring.  I only wish I had been able to stick around for Session 10, Lights, Camera, STENO.  I won’t make that mistake again. 

I was impressed beyond words by what Shaunise has wrought:  from getting community leaders, lawyers, and judges to speak before us and sing our praises – with a live band there, no less –  arranging an event of this magnitude at great venues, with good food and drink; to bringing together the court reporting community in an intimate and collaborative way.  More than a few times I and everyone around me marveled at how one tiny person was able to perform such a gigantic feat.   Oh, and I almost forgot the little thing called a speed contest thrown in there, with an awards luncheon recognizing the accomplishments of too many to list.  

I can’t wait for the next Steno in the City conference.

Donna Urlaub