Steno Husbands

The times that you see steno spouses at conferences, they’re usually off sightseeing or lounging by the pool.  But not me.  I love interacting with the reporters, documenting by taking pictures, and even chatting with the speakers.  Being part of the steno community, I know just how big of a deal they are.  Being a paid participant at SITC ATL, I was able to attend the networking event, speaker sessions, and the cocktail happy hour.  Everything was amazing.  We had a blast both during the day and at night at SITC.  I met so many amazing reporters and even a couple other steno husbands.  It’s always so great to see fellow steno spouses supporting their steno spouses.

Attending SITC with my steno spouse motivates me to talk about and promote the profession even after the conference is over.  Because court reporting has changed our lives, I tell everyone we know and meet about it every chance I get.  Wearing my Steno in the City t-shirt always sparks up a conversation, even with reporters who have yet to attend a conference.  I love being involved and promoting this profession. 

If you don’t know by now, my name is Jose Lazo, a proud steno husband!  My wife is Anna Mar-Lazo, a two-year reporter in the San Antonio, Texas area. Recently, our 14-year-old daughter participated in the AtoZ program.  And because we know how this profession can change her life, we will support her every step of the way should she choose to follow in her mother’s footsteps.


Want to know more about how I encouraged my wife through court reporting school as well as how to be an overall supportive steno spouse?  You can listen to my episode on the Steno Talk podcast, Season 2, Episode 11: From The Other Side Of The Machine, wherever podcasts are available.