Stephanie Hicks, RPR


There’s a first time for everything, and I am so happy I got to experience my first court reporting convention at Steno in the City’s Fearless Stenographers Conference in Houston! This event set the bar so high in my mind that I truly believe the only thing that could top it is another Steno in the City conference. Shaunise really outdid herself!

For starters, although I arrived in Houston a bit late and, unfortunately, missed the speed contest, I made sure not to miss anything else. I was immediately impressed with the venue. The Omni Hotel was a stellar choice hands down and instantly put me in a great mood. After settling into my room, I got ready to attend the mixer that evening, which was held at The Ballroom at Bayou Place, a beautiful space in downtown Houston. From the grand staircase entrance to the red carpet interviews to the 360 photobooth, I was in my element! I was so honored to have the opportunity to meet and mingle with fellow steno lovers and supporters in a trendy, laidback setting with a great vibe, not to mention great appetizers and a live band. Sign me up any day!


Now, talk about inspiration! The speakers, bay-BEE! I couldn’t believe the lineup for the conference: Brenda Countz! Allie Hall! Kim Xavier! Not to mention the fact that the legendary Mark Kislingbury broke his own Guinness Book world record, and I was there to witness it! In addition, I was also able to participate as a speaker myself (for the first time by the way) by sitting on a panel with fellow “Steno Game Changers”, which was a phenomenal and very inspiring experience. To sit at a table with and be in a room full of people who are just as excited about the profession creates an energy that is indescribable and can only be experienced at an event such as this!

To wrap up the entire weekend, Shaunise hosted a luncheon, wherein several awards were given out to very deserving people in the field. I even won the first Steno People’s Choice Award, which was quite an honor. I keep the trophy in my cubicle as a reminder of my five minutes of fame! I even convinced a few people to join me in creating a TikTok to celebrate how amazing the entire conference was, which was shared dozens of times!

Hands down, this convention was more than I could have anticipated when booking my flight to Houston. I came back to New York more motivated than ever, and I can’t wait for upcoming Steno in the City events, which I know will only get bigger and bigger from here. Honestly, this conference will be a hard act to follow and I can’t wait to see what Shaunise has in store for 2023! See you there! 😉

 Jessica Negrete, Steno Student



SITC was such an extraordinary experience! It being the first conference I have attended, it has set the bar high. The various networking events introduced me to professional court reporters who were so willing to provide super useful advice and encouragement. As a student, I found that the seminars were filled with great motivation and helpful information. I also connected with fellow students who were an inspiration just by hearing about their journeys. I am so glad I attended and hope to be a part of any future SITC conferences. Greatly appreciate Shaunise and everyone who helped bring this incredible weekend together.

Sonia Trevino, CSR


Steno in the City, wow!  What a wonderful conference.  Being around so many of my colleagues and being able to enjoy it as an attendee was such a treat for me.  The one-woman-wonder that is Shaunise Day and those who assisted her pulled of a phenomenal event for all of us.

There were so many moments to remember.  The color block photo shoot was fun!  Our own Texan Mark Kislingbury besting his previous world record was amazing!  The luncheon was superb!  I was extremely honored to have been asked by Shaunise to introduce Kim Xavier as this year’s Steno in the City’s recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award.  Anyone who knows the smallest bit about Kim knows what a huge influence she is in the world of court reporting.  If only we could bottle up her enthusiasm for the profession, we would have a winning potion for future leaders in our profession.

I do not know where and when the next Steno in the City will happen, but I do know that, if at all possible, I will be there.  I am a fan of this kind of inspiration, motivation, and can-do spirit!

Lamarra George, CCR,RPR


At the 2022, Steno In The City Conference in Houston, Texas, I had the pleasure of attending the seesion given by Jessie Wack, RPR, RMR, RDR, CRR.  The information Jessie shared in her session is immeasurable.  Her knowledge on all things technology is vast.  For a court reporter, obtaining optimal live audio is key in taking a perfected record from the start.  With the suggested equipment and tips Jessie provided, advice I thankfully accepted and implemented, I, too, now have such excellent audio quality, which allows for unfettered attention to refocus more on my writing because I can now listen with ease.

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Anna Mar-Lazo, RPR, CSR

Anna Mar-Lazo, RPR, CSR

If you don’t know me, my name is Anna Mar-Lazo. I am a newly certified reporter in the SanAntonio, Texas area. I started sharing my court reporting journey on Instagram as a student in 2017. After certifying in early 2021, I’ve continued to share my journey on social media but now as a new reporter navigating my way through the first year of this amazing career. I am a wife and mother of two and mostly put out relatable content as I try to juggle my home life and court reporting life. My passion is encouraging and motivating students. I believe I’ve been given the opportunity to do that on a much larger scale as one of the hosts of the Steno Talk podcast. The Steno Talk podcast originated and debuted in February of 2021. The goal of the podcast is to encourage, educate, and entertain today’s steno community through real-life experiences. The podcast highlights, features, and celebrates the accomplishments submitted by students in its very popular Crushin’ It Corner. If you feel left out because you weren’t able to attend 2022’s most epic steno event, don’t you fret. I am here to catch you up!

SITC’s The Fearless Stenographers Conference was held in Houston, Texas, and was full of fun, friends, firsts, and steno!

Day one consisted of an evening networking event for the legal profession. There was an open bar, food, and dancing! So much fun was had by all. It was a great way to break the ice and get the weekend started.

Day two was all business! It was a day jam-packed with amazing speakers. Speakers like steno legend, Benda Countz, and the ever-energetic Kim Xavier came at us with messages our hearts were meant to hear. I was fortunate enough to be asked by Shaunise to speak on The Game Changer panel along with my amazingly talented colleagues, Stephanie Hicks, Candice Andino, Kensie Benoit, and Lauren Lawrence. The day ended with more networking in the main area with drinks, cake, and more steno. The highlight of day two was definitely getting to witness Mark Kislingbury break his very own record. He scored 95.4% on a one-minute 370wpm take! It was amazing to see Mark write the dictation, transcribe it before a room full of people, and then receive the exciting news. It was such a historic day in the steno world! Day three unfortunately was the last day of this amazing conference. It’s true what they say: Last day,

best day! Allie Hall kicked off the day with her amazing words of wisdom. We heard from an  amazing trio of ladies as to why certs really do matter and then instantly became techies after hearing about the many gadgets that can make our work lives easier. The very last event of the conference was the luncheon where all gathered to congratulate award, scholarship, and speed contest winners. And of course, no SITC event is complete without a photoshoot! So before everyone parted ways, we gathered in our best color block attire to take group photos and

then off everyone went to spend their final night with friends before heading home the following morning. All in all, I’d say this was the steno event of the year! Truly nothing can compare. If you’re sad that you missed it, don’t you worry! There’s always SITC 2023!!! See you there!

The Fearless Stenographers Conference will take place in Atlanta, Georgia, April 13th through April 15th! Do not miss out! We hope to see you there. For more updates, be sure to follow us on social media and subscribe to our new newsletter where we will be covering all things within the steno and legal community!