By: Denee Vadell aka @StenoFluencer 

When I hear the words “Steno in the City,” I think of community, passion, and empowerment. If you have not attended a Steno in the City networking event, conference, or retreat yet, then you are truly missing out #FOMO!! I always leave feeling fired up and ready to make an even bigger impact in my profession. Shaunise never disappoints and she puts her heart and soul into each event. 

There were many deserving awards given at the Fearless Conference, and I was the recipient of the 2023 Steno in the City People’s Choice Award. Being a steno influencer to me means being a leader in the steno community and promoting steno on social media to get people interested in steno, but to also encourage and motivate current court reporting students so that they graduate. I also want to encourage and motivate the stenographers who have been in the steno game for years and just need an extra spark of excitement or even just a laugh so that they can either fall back in love with steno and/or feel empowered to spread steno, too. 

I created StenoFluencer “Living a Life of Purpose & Service,” to spread steno and to showcase our unique skills and magical world of steno because us stenographers really do live beautiful lives. We love steno and are so passionate about what we do, and there are so many people out there who still don’t realize that steno exists. People have no idea that steno is even an option as a career path.

My goal is for children to know what a stenographer is before high school and that this is a viable career option for them, just as being a nurse, teacher, doctor, police officer, or lawyer is. They will be saying, “I want to be a stenographer when I grow up.” 

There are many talented and creative steno influencers doing the same thing I’m doing, and I believe it’s truly working. We all share each other’s posts, comments, we like and engage because that’s how we #spreadsteno. I’m convinced that spreading steno will help stop the stenographer shortage. If we all do our small part, we will prevail. 

To be recognized for doing something that I love, which is creating content, and telling my steno story through social media posts about the career that changed the trajectory of my life is truly a dream come true. 

Thank you for giving me my flowers while I am still here on this earth. Thank you for choosing me as the 2023 Steno in the City’s People’s Choice Award Recipient. Thank you Steno in the City for creating this award and honoring the steno influencers who promote steno in a unique way.